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Santa Barbara is located in Central California on a long stretch of coastline and is everything you would want for a California beach vacation. There's a wide selection of restaurants, wine-tasting options and just chilling out, so it's on the move to leave town for a summer road trip. Half a world away from Los Angeles and San Francisco, nestled in Central California with vast stretches of coastline, it is the perfect destination for everything you could have wished for on a California beach - getaways. The park contains an abundance of natural and cultural resources that have been protected and protected by California State Parks and the U.S. Forest Service for more than 100 years.

Highlights include the continuously operating shipyard, the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum and the historic pier. For an interactive museum experience, plan a visit to the California State Museum, which will feature interactive exhibits on California history as well as a variety of other cultural activities. There are other good options for children, such as the Children's Museum San Luis Obispo or the Art Museum. The historic piers are a great place for picnics, swimming, fishing and other activities for children and adults.

Here you will find the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, where you can climb the clock tower, as well as a variety of other exhibits and activities.

If you miss Lotusland, you can still visit the impressive Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, which is open all day. The Botanical Garden benefits from the subtropical climate of the city and is worth a visit, especially with a family day at the The Santa Barbara Zoo is coming (highly recommended).

Children of all ages will find Inspiration Point one of the best and most photographed hikes in Santa Barbara, and nature scores top results here. On the following page you will also find a list of other really great things to do in the car - freeSanta Barbara. Do free things: I would recommend it, even if some of these things are technically outside Santa Maria, but nature has got the best marks here and it is also one of the most beautiful for families with children. Some of my top 10 things I've done in and around Santa Rosa include things like the Santa Cruz Mountains, the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse and some things that are technically outside of Santa Monica, like the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Looking back on Santa Barbara, I have many fond memories of being inspired to go on a trip to Santa Maria, Santa Rosa or Santa Monica, but when I'm back in California, I always have to go.

T he Santa Barbara is a natural paradise, wedged between mountains and the sea, so a trip to the beach should be a must. You won't want to give up riding the waves, but you should definitely stop for snacks and groceries along the way. We pass the beaches, some of the most beautiful beaches in the state of California, such as Santa Maria and Santa Rosa, as well as some other popular places.

If the idea of visiting Santa Barbara has aroused your interest, I invite you to consider visiting with the AstridTravel Club. Try our three-and-a-half hour lunch tour that includes all things We saved for you, as well as some great food options. I hope this article has given you a good idea of some of the things you can do in Santa Barbara, especially if you prefer not to be alone.

If you are in town to enjoy the fantastic four-star resorts around the beach, make sure your route includes all the major attractions - see the sights as part of the full experience as possible.

If you want to visit the Santa Barbara Mission of 1786, known as the Queen's Mission, staying downtown is an excellent choice. With connections to other major cities in the District, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, a road trip is the best way to visit them, while Amtrak also has a route from San Francisco to San Bernardino with stops in Santa Barbara, as well as routes that run from San Antonio to Santa Rosa with stops in Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, Ventura and Ventura County. It is certainly an easy journey for Angelenos to find themselves in other communities in this county and visit them without using Santa Barbas as a base.

Santa Barbara is not a metropolis like Los Angeles or San Francisco, and you won't find a lot of nightlife here. The good thing is that there is a collection of wine tasting rooms as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art has over 27,000 pieces in its permanent collection that display art from around the world. There are a number of smaller galleries in Santa Barbara, but few in California meet the standard for fine arts museums. The Santa Barbra Art Museum, the Santa Rosa Art Museum, houses a variety of exhibitions and exhibits as well as a collection of more than 1,500 pieces.

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More About Santa Barbara