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The late Julia Child, who couldn't get enough of authentic and tasty Mexican fare, loved this humble taqueria on Milpas Street. No trip to Santa Barbara would be complete without a stop at Stearns Wharf, and there is no better place to visit than this.

The glory of this restaurant is that it is the oldest in Santa Barbara, founded in 1928. This cold spring tavern is 15 minutes outside Santa Barbara and it seems the trip was a little less treacherous than it was in the 19th century. Located in the west of the city, just blocks from Stearns Wharf, the hotel is named after the Southern Pacific Railroad train that served Santa Maria from 1910 to 1968, and also after one of its trains.

If you are in Santa Barbara, you can dine with friends, picnic or attend one of the most popular events in the city, such as the annual Santa Maria Picnic. From tacos to chowders, tacos and chowders won't disappoint your stomach.

These 14 restaurants must be tried to represent the hotchpotch of Santa Barbara's cuisine scene, from award-winning restaurants to casual and upscale restaurants. The menu includes an extensive list of fresh seafood and deep-fried fish tacos never disappoint, while the ceviche Sal De Mar, made with all the seasonal fish, is served as a refreshment. Not to be missed is the grilled mahi - a - ha, a typical dish in the chain's award-winning fish restaurant. When visiting Santa Maria, don't miss the chain of award-winning seafood restaurants in the city, such as the Seafood Bar and Grill.

Soul Cal Smokehouse brings the spirit of the South to Santa Barbara with grilled meat on the decadent side, with grilled meat as a side effect.

La Super Rica Taqueria has garnered some serious attention in Santa Barbara, and Julia Child and Forbes give it a thumbs up. It is a great place for those who haven't had it, and if you haven't, it's worth a visit. Those who have forgotten the baked goods at Bree Osh may stumble across this shop and not know how they haven't heard about it. The highly anticipated Hotel Californian opened its doors in December 2014, just months after the highly anticipated Santa Rosa Beach Resort hotel opened. Look no further than bouchon santa barbara to find the best of both worlds: a fine dining experience and a delicious food truck experience.

Like most restaurants in Santa Barbara, they have a coffee bar that you should definitely use to enjoy your coffee. They are also open for lunch and dinner, although they do not currently offer a full service restaurant, but only a small bar with a few tables. You will get a table on the cosy, illuminated terrace and enjoy a tasty meal outside.

If you fancy a delicious ice cream, make sure you stop by the Santa Barbara Ice Cream Shop on the corner of Main Street and Santa Rosa Street. If you're near the beach or just a few blocks away, you should stop by Hendry's Beach, also known as Hendry Beach. It is a great beach for picnicking with family and friends, enjoying the waves and sipping a drink or two in one of the many bars and restaurants along the way.

The Natural, which offers a wide range of foods to satisfy even the most picky eaters in your group. Santa Barbara has many restaurants and bars as well as a number of shops on the beach. It is located between mountains and the sea and is the epitome of Southern California escape.

Brophy Bros. have won once in 22 years at the Independent Santa Barbara News-Press and always sweep the floor at awards ceremonies. For 25 years, they have won the "longest sung song" and "best song of the year" awards at the Southern California Music Awards, and they have won the "most valuable actor" award for 25 of those years.

The best known is Mexican food - La Super Rica serves chips and burritos, the homemade salsa that is never used sparingly. I would recommend this restaurant, located in the west of the city in the heart of downtown, to any restaurant in Santa Barbara. Be sure to come here and try it, but don't consider it an easy way of life, as it has numerous gastronomic options to offer, and it's definitely worth a visit.

I recommend the Lucky Penny Classic, which consists of pork, cheese, green onions and a spicy tomato broth sauce, as well as a tortillas and fries side dish. The pork-cheese-filled pastilla chiles are marinated, the tortilla chips topped with cheese and green onions and covered with the spicy tomatoes, broth and sauce. Only on Mondays and Thursdays they offer a special menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos con chili and burrito enchiladas.

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