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The Santa Monica Boutique Hotel is currently undergoing a major renovation and has its own Shangri-La, which promises "the best of both worlds" in the form of a modern, high-quality, modern day home.

The newly revitalized Warner Center Marriott is located in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, just a short drive from downtown Los Angeles. The Marriott's TownePlace Suites offer guests the opportunity to walk to many of the city's most popular restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Choose from a fully equipped kitchen, a full-service bar or a private dining room. Each guest suite is equipped with the latest modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, private pool and poolside spa, and access to the exclusive Hilton Garden Inn. Guests in each suite are entitled to free parking, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and lunch, and free laundry.

Each suite offers a longer - stay, one - night stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. With a full suite, 100% Northwest Indianapolis travelers can maintain a routine at home while enjoying the comfort of their own bed and breakfast.

Visitors can sip wine, stroll along the beautiful Goleta beach, take the children to the Santa Barbara Zoo, visit the historic center of the old town of Goletsa or enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific from their bed and breakfast. Hilton Garden Inn Roseville is a one-night stand located at Hilton Lake Tahoe Resort in Santa Rosa, California. This hotel also offers a complete suite with private pool, spa and wellness services and an outdoor terrace.

Leisure travelers will enjoy the area's tourist attractions, including the 35-acre Girsch Park, just west of the property, and the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. The region's business climate also benefits from its proximity to the California State Fair and the San Francisco Bay Area. This makes longer stays in the Hilton Garden Inn Roseville is a great option for those interested in a short-term stay.

Amtrak operates a regular service between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area, and there is an easy way to get from Camarillo to Santa Cruz via the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (SVTA).

Free, standard Wi-Fi is available in all Santa Barbara County Homewood Suites, provided you book your stay at least two days in advance.

Hilton Garden Inn offers hotel guests many special offers, and customers can find the latest deals on the hotel's website. Hilton gift cards are accepted, but please see the Hilton Gift Cards page for how to use them. Rates quoted are night rates and taxes and do not necessarily reflect all available discounts in Santa Barbara, CA.

Located in Santa Barbara, 10 miles from Antioch College, this hotel offers facilities including an outdoor pool. RiTika Rose and Truex Metier are redefining life with their new book, Redefining Life, a book about life, love and fitness. Located 10 miles away, Antioch College Campus in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara offers facilities with outdoor pools.

Located in Mission Hills, the hotel is just a few miles from Santa Barbara International Airport. This is one of the most popular hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area and is just a short drive from Irvine, California, the largest city in California.

The number one on the list is Embassy Suites Santa Barbara on, and the accommodations at this 3-5 star hotel feature kitchenettes with refrigerators. EmbassySuites Mandalay Bay are not the typical Embassysuites you are used to, but a blend of the best of both worlds, mixed with modern amenities such as pool, spa, gym and gym.

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This is a huge resort in the heart of Santa Barbara, California, just a few miles south of downtown. Palo Alto Networks is further down, then add the app and use the firewall for Palo Alto functionality.

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