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While Santa Barbara may be a sleepy beach town during the week, if you visit it at the weekend, there are plenty of things to do on your own, whether you're just chilling out or visiting it at the weekend. Right now, it's the step of leaving town for a summer road trip, so I thought I'd figure it out for myself by exploring the beach. It is a great destination with a variety of wines - tasting opportunities and a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

A visit to the Old Mission of Santa Barbara is a must if you want to introduce your children to the history and culture of Santa Barbara. One of my favorite things about my first trip to California last year was a visit to our renowned Santa Maria Zoo.

There is perhaps nowhere else in California or the country to see such a diverse collection. If there is only one place you can visit on your trip to Santa Barbara, add it to the top of your list.

The 10 best things to do in Santa Barbara, including things that are technically out of the way, and recommendations on where to stay and play.

A nearby destination is Santa Barbara, and just 90 miles from LA, it's an ideal day trip. It is also home to the Los Padres National Forest, which stretches from San Luis Obispo to north Los Angeles.

Santa Barbara is expected to experience roughly the same temperatures, making it a pleasant place to visit - although winter can bring rain. So expect good, great weather when planning your summer plans in Santa Barbara.

If you feel like relaxing, you can spend the day at one of the many beaches in Santa Barbara, such as Santa Rosa Beach. After exploring Stearns Wharf, visit the San Luis Obispo County Zoo, often considered one of the best small zoos in the country, to enjoy magnificent ocean views and a variety of wildlife.

Salt and sirloin thumbs have a wide selection of food and beverages as well as a wide selection of craft beer and wine. Here are some of the best things to do in Santa Barbara, followed by some places to visit and some good tips on how to do things. re here for a week, a weekend or a day trip, we hope that we # ve given you a good idea of what you can do when you come here in the next few weeks, months or even years.

If the idea of visiting Santa Barbara has aroused your interest, we invite you to consider visiting with the AstridTravel Club. One of the fun things a couple can do in Santa Barbara is explore the funky zone (warehouse district) and taste the flavor of the way you do it. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, there are a number of great bars and restaurants in the so-called "Funkzone," but we prefer not to go there alone. The Hotel Californian is located in the heart of Santa Maria, on State Street, near the Radio Zone.

It also offers incredible views of the Santa Barbara coast and gives you a glimpse of a bustling city around you.

Santa Barbara also serves as home to the Santa Barbara County Convention and Visitors Bureau and a number of other events and events. This makes it the perfect destination for a day trip to one of California's most popular tourist destinations.

Another option is to take the Santa Barbara Airbus to LAX, where it drops you off in the heart of the city and takes you straight back to Los Angeles, or you can take it as far as San Francisco or San Diego. Amtrak offers the Coast Starlight train from Seattle to Los Angeles and then a short hop on the Amtrak West Coast Line to Santa Monica. Santa Maria AirBus # 17 leaves from LAZ and you can also fly in from Santa Rosa, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Santa Cruz, L.A. and Ventura County via Santa Ana or Santa Clara.

If it's a winding drive, take Highway 154 (also known as San Marcos Pass) back to Santa Barbara at sunset and enjoy the unforgettable views. If you fancy a twisted-up drive, drive on it and take it into the sunset. If it's a winding - downhill - ride, take State Route 101, also known as San Marco Pass, back to Santa Barbara andEnjoy the unforgettable views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the beautiful Santa Maria Valley.

The trail is only 3 miles long, but when you reach the top, you will be spoiled with the natural beauty around Santa Barbara, including Arroyo Burro Beach below.

If you also love flowers, the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate is one of the great Santa Barbara attractions. Rosewood Miramar Beach is located a few miles south of Montecito and offers the best of all Monte Cito's in Santa Barbara with its beautiful beaches and scenic views.

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