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Southern California is gearing up for a weekend of fire danger, and we have record temperatures. The National Weather Service has issued a "high fire risk" warning for large parts of Southern California, including Santa Barbara County and parts of Los Angeles and Orange counties.

It is uncertain whether the temperature reports are accurate, as similar high temperatures have been reached in other parts of Southern California, such as Santa Barbara County, and missing reports from some locations rule out an accurate determination of the maximum temperature difference. Forecasters also expect temperatures to reach around 6 degrees during the evening event, but they say this will only take two to three hours, instead of the six hours required for official deliberation. Meteorologists also expect a high fire risk for the entire state of California on Saturday and Sunday.

Still, it is clear that remarkably high temperatures have been observed in Santa Barbara County in recent days, with temperatures ranging from mid-to-mid-40s. There is also evidence that, contrary to the typical marine conditions that prevail along Santa Maria and the adjacent coasts, there are downward winds. Weak onshore power is observed at a low tropospheric river aligned off the coast and weak to moderate offshore wind on the west coast.

This is similar to July 1992, but the surface flow resulting from a low tropospheric flow off the west coast of Santa Barbara County is off the coast, which rules out a significant rise in sea level in the coming days. The temperature rise of 850 mb is obvious, which is only 1 degree warmer than Oakland, and the resulting surface currents from the low water of the river are off the coast.

In Santa Barbara, winters are cold, humid and partly cloudy, summers warm, dry and clear, and summers warm and dry but clear. But the warmest temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 90s, not the upper 80s as in Oakland. This is strikingly clear in this image of the temperature difference between Oakland and San Francisco in July 1992.

Wind gusts in the area of the fire could reach top speeds of 30 to 35 kilometers per hour on Saturday, meteorologists said. While Santa Ana wind events tend to occur in fall and early winter, they occur more frequently in the summer months in Santa Barbara County, said Jeff Masters, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Los Angeles. The forecast of clouds, which predicts a sudden transition from cloudy to clear when there is no wind, means that ground fog will form and the sky will be covered with clouds for at least the next few hours.

To describe how pleasant the weather was in Santa Barbara this year, two travel values were calculated. Based on the tourist points, the best time of year to visit Santa Barbara in the summer months is from mid-June to late September. The worst time for visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK is from mid-June to the end of October, according to these results. And the worst day of the year for tourists from Europe, North America, South America and Asia who visit Santa Maria is between mid-June and the end of September, based on our tourism score.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Santa Barbara, the hottest months are September, August and then July. If dry weather is required, then July and August are the best months Then September; in August, September and October it was very dry according to our tourism data.

Although this is not the best time to go to Santa Barbara, there are better options depending on where you come from. We have many microclimates in most areas of the Santa Barbara area, and temperatures can vary by 10 to 15 degrees during the day and night. Cool at night, but not too hot or too cold, so this is not the only place we want to keep our clothes open.

The Santa Barbara Criminal Map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Santa Rosa, local law enforcement officials said. This page allows you to search for selected crimes and to map them to the neighborhoods and intersections in Santa Maria, Santa Cruz and Santa Clarita and to search them for all neighborhoods or intersections in or around the city of Santa Barbara. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, the Guadalupe man who was killed and injured on December 1, and the SantaClarita government, which does business and visits Santa Clarita, can be found here. The island includes the cities of Montecito, Carpinteria, Ventura, Goleta, Lompoc, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, Solvang and Ventura.

The topography within 2 miles of Santa Barbara shows very distinct differences in altitude due to the altitude of the Santa Maria Valle and Santa Cruz mountains and the proximity to Santa Rosa.

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